I realise that this may not apply to your son or daughter because s/he is always dressed perfectly in acceptable uniform, but to be fair and consistent to him/her, I am writing to all parents.

I need to ask for your help in keeping up the high standard of dress we have at WCC. Recently, suppliers have been advertising and selling black jeans type trousers as acceptable items for College; they are not. To be perfectly clear what is acceptable, you will find overleaf a complete list of uniform items. Trousers must not have studs in them or be made from denim.

If your son/daughter is wearing such an item can I please ask that it is replaced with acceptable trousers as soon possible, preferably after half term, but definitely by the start of the summer term on 22 April 2014.

Many thanks for your help if it is required and your continued support of all our work.

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