World of Work Awareness Programme

Thursday 13 and Friday 14 March

Approximately 65 Year 12, Year 13 and Year 11 students participated in a series of workshops delivered by York Potash, NYBEP, Yorkshire Coast Homes and Sainsbury’s last week. The purpose of this was to help students prepare for the world of work and seeking employment. The workshops gave job-seeking advice from an employers’ perspective to help students to prepare for a mock interview the following day. It would be fair to say that the students were nervous about their mock interview and approached the task with some reluctance. However, attendance was very good and an additional three students asked if they could take part in the experience too. A total of 14 visitors form the RAF, Police, Yorkshire Coast Homes, Sainsbury’s and York Potash interviewed the students and both interviewers and interviewees made some very positive comments about the day. All the students received comprehensive verbal and written feedback about their mock interviews.

Comments from interviewers about Whitby Community College students:

  • “Very pleasant and engaging throughout.”
  • “Impressive and refreshing to hear from a young man who clearly has the ambition to do the best at whatever he aspires to be.”
  • “His answers were considered and thoughtful but also displayed enthusiasm and well-rounded self awareness.”
  • “…came across as very driven and able. I would employ her.”
  • “A very impressive young man who should be confident and proud about his achievements.”
  • “Comes across as a confident young lady… I’m sure she will go far.”
  • “She is obviously not afraid of hard work.”

Feedback from students about the World of Work Awareness Programme and Mock Interviews:

  • “I think it made me think about my choices and what to do.”
  • “I did better than I thought I would.”
  • “It helped massively.”
  • “I know what interviews are about now … I feel less worried.”
  • “It’s helpful for the future.”
  • “It gave me more confidence.”
  • “It has helped a lot, especially the interview and CV skills.”
  • “Thank you for the experience!”

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