Caedmon College Whitby –
Internet Domain Name and all email Addresses –

The following information is important to all governors, staff, students, parents, and all other people who may contact college personnel.

Caedmon College Website:

We are nearing the completion of the ‘Internet Domain Name’ switch over for the merged College.

The new web address, staff email addresses, and an entire new address system for all students from Year 7 to the Sixth Form are all live. The website is also having its information brought up to date.

The new web address is in use for both Normanby (ex Whitby Community College) and Scoresby sites (ex Caedmon School); the old sites will automatically default to the new areas for a temporary period of time.

Please change your bookmarks and start to use the new one as the old ones will be taken offline in the near future:

For generalised email to Caedmon College Whitby, please use the ‘Contact Us‘ section or email to the main post account:

Staff Email:

All staff email accounts have now taken on this new address:

[staff account name]

Student Email:

All students have been provided with a new email address for 2014. They will keep this account until they leave college. This allows students to not only use email from college and home but also to use Microsoft OneDrive, which is a “cloud based” storage system. Using online storage means students are less likely to lose or end up with a failed USB storage drive thus not  being able to retrieve their work. From this year we are pleased to announce that all students, with an active email account, comes with the addition of the full Microsoft Office 2013 suite, which is the latest edition of Office and also used throughout the college, to download directly from the Email Portal once logged in. This ensures all students have the same facilities at home as they do at college.

PLEASE NOTE: An email has to be sent from the students email account to  so that the ICT Network team can activate the new license on to your/ (your son/daughters) active email account.  

[unique student ID]
Passwords are as supplied to the students when they registered on the canteen biometrics system.

Year 7 to 9 students will not register on the new merged canteen biometrics system until the final ICT Network systems are merged, however parents may use the contact details below for requesting them from the ICT Help Desk during the summer holiday as there will be members of the team still on-site through out. You will be asked a few simple security questions to verify parent with child. 

Technical Issues:

For technical issues with the website, staff and student network computer logon and Email Accounts please contact the ICT Help Desk:
Parents are also welcome to use the following details should they want to activate their son/daughters college provided email account for them to use:

  • Staff and students should initially use the Help Desk tickets on the desktop.
  • Email sent to:  -Parents should use this option first unless urgent.
  • Scoresby site telephone number, followed by Extension 4 (external) 140/106 (internal)

Please note that as we are providing students with an email account which will enable them to fulfil tasks as part of their education at the college we take great care in raising awareness to child protection and on-line safety and security.
To support this process we actively collect a duplication email of all contact made between staff,  students and  any other person / organisation.   Safeguarding our students is an absolute priority.

College Social Media Accounts:

Communication is an integral part of Teaching and Learning, information distribution and opportunities so we ask all Staff, Students (Age 13 and above) and Parent both themselves and if they are acting as guardian account holders to those under the Facebook legal age requirement, to ‘Like’/Join these groups. Other subject based Twitter site address list will be getting updated and be available under “Contact Us -> College Twitter Users” in due course.

Whitby_CC twitter account can now be found at CC_Whitby.
WhitbyCC Facebook can now be found at Caedmon College Whitby.
Caedmon School Facebook will remain at Caedmon School until Facebook finalise the merging of pages.

Extra Information:

  • Caedmon’s website’s, current news archive can be located in the CCW ‘News’ tab at the top of the page.

(if any Staff, Parents/Guardian require access to any other areas of the Caedmon website please let us know on the contact details provided above).

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