iPad Purchase Scheme

iPad Purchase Scheme for Caedmon College

Dear parent/carer,

The details for our iPad purchase scheme have now been finalised and the website is available for you to register your order. Please use the relevant code below to access the devices and payment terms available. Any scheme undertaken must be paid for in full prior to your son or daughter completing full time education so there is a different ‘portal’ depending on what year group your child is in. 

Visit: www.alllearnportal.co.uk

Enter the registration code from below in the lower half of the screen to be taken to the of device or list of devices offered.

Year 7 – CAED269702

Year 8-10 – CAED369702

Year 12/13 – CAED469702

Entering the portal does not automatically enrol you into purchasing so please feel free to have a look at the terms on offer. All devices come with full insurance and warranty for either two years or the duration of the payment terms if longer. The portal will close on the 27th August to allow for orders to be processed and the devices will be delivered to college for distribution in mid-September. 


If you have any queries please feel free to email me a.whelan@ccwhitby.co.uk


Andrew Whelan

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