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Year 10-11 Hockey v Lady Lumley’s

Year 10-11 Hockey v Lady Lumley’s

Year 10/11 Hockey v Lady Lumley’s

The first game of the season saw the mixed Years 10 and 11 team take on Lady Lumley’s School. The girls found their feet right away and began to move the ball very well. It wasn’t long until the attacking opportunities were mounting and the pressure against the opposition was building. It seemed that it would only be a matter of time before CCW hit the backboard, and Tilly Swales did so with style. All of the girls worked incredibly well together and displayed some smooth, flowing play that certainly didn’t resemble a team that had never before played together. The final score was 2-0 to CCW, after a second goal from Tilly. All girls should be extremely proud of this first game result and there individual performances.


U18 District Hockey Tournament

The U18 girls hockey team attended this event on Wednesday 23rd September. Entrants to the tournament, along with CCW, included Lady Lumley’s, Ampleforth and Fyling Hall. The competition was played in fine spirit and it was great for the Sixth Form students to find their hockey feet again! Game 1 saw CCW dominate Fyling Hall for the majority of the first half but a late goal meant they went into half time 1-0 down. This is how the score line stayed after a tough but confident second half.

Reigning district champions Ampleforth were played next. This game was always going to be a challenge but the girls didn’t let a couple of early goals from the opposition deter their effort levels. They put in a gutsy performance from start to finish and showed strength of character.

CCW faced Lady Lumley’s in the third and final game. Both teams were equally matched and neither team were going to let the other win without a fight. Goal scoring opportunities were made from both teams, but some excellent keeping from Bronwyn Hodgson kept the score line at bay. The opposition eventually took an early lead just before half time but this was soon matched by CCW’s Millie Storr, making the score equal at 1-1. The second half saw great attacking and defensive play from both sides meaning that the game resulted in a draw. The sixth form girls were a pleasure to coach and we hope to see them at whole-school hockey training on a Monday after school.

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