Health and Social Care Work Experience

Y12 Health & Social Care students

Y12 Health & Social Care students

Some of the College’s Sixth Form students have recently experienced work in local primary schools. The students are Health and Social Care students, in Year 12 at the College, who are studying a double award, A-level syllabus and must complete a week’s work experience in a local primary school as part of this course. This experience forms part of a unit of work entitled, ‘Educating Children and Young People’, which introduces them to the theory and practice of learning in education. The students have to understand types of learning, techniques that enable learning and how the theories of development, learning and education are relevant to the children with whom they will be working.

The recent week’s work experience enabled College students to put their theory into practice and provided some very valuable learning experiences for them. The students’ comments about their week’s experience were incredibly positive – a selection of these include, ‘I enjoyed being part of a team that made me feel welcome’; ‘I found the experience really eye-opening because all the teachers are really dedicated to the role that they do which was great to see’; ‘I learnt a lot about different learning styles and techniques and it gave me a good idea about what it would be like to be a teacher’; ‘I really enjoyed working as a classroom assistant and I would love to have more experiences like this in the future‘; ‘I loved my week in my placement and was able to identify educational theories within the school. Everyone (staff and pupils included) was very patient and willing to answer any questions or queries I had’.

Comments from the staff at the primary schools were equally positive about the experience, making comments including, ‘this student has been a fantastic team member… she has completed a variety of creative tasks from start to finish, organised the children within the activity and supported where needed. She also recorded activities using a camera and has prepared a massive amount of classroom resources. She has been outstanding the whole week and I have asked if she can come back next week’; ‘Fantastic! A pleasure to have this student in my class this week’; ‘She has done everything I have asked of her and even when I haven’t asked her to she has used her initiative to fill her time’; ‘She has a brilliant positive attitude and has been brilliant with the children’.

Principal, Keith Prytherch said, ‘We look forward to sending many more students out to the local primary schools to support their work and learning and I would like to thank all the staff of the primary schools in our community who supported College students with this important part of their Health and Social Care course’.

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