Lessons from Auschwitz

There is an opportunity for two students from Year 12 to apply to take part in the Holocaust Educational Trust’s annual Lessons from Auschwitz programme. This will involve two seminars in Leeds and a day trip to Auschwitz from Leeds/Bradford Airport. After taking part the two students will be expected to share their experiences and learning within the community by planning and delivering a project. We have had a number of students take part over recent years and all have spoken highly of the experience. In addition, this experience may help to make a UCAS application stand out as you will have had a unique opportunity.

Any students who are interested should see Mr Whelan this week for further information. This is not a College organised trip and there will be no member of staff involved. Any student wishing to take part will need to be able to get themselves to Leeds on three occasions in April and May of this year.

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