Local Authority proposal to create a single 11-19 school

Dear Parent/Carer

North Yorkshire County Council has long-desired one secondary school in Whitby. The College has also sought, for many years, to develop a close working relationship with other schools in Whitby, particularly the 11 to 14 schools – one of which, as you are no doubt aware, Caedmon School, became part of the enlarged College in September 2014. The College has continued to develop close links with Eskdale School and, through this, the Local Authority have helped the College and Eskdale School to form a positive proposal for a further amalgamation and to consult upon creating a single, 11 – 19 school for Whitby. The Executive Member for Schools, Cllr Arthur Barker, will be making a decision on 9 February about whether to start a public consultation in the town and wider area regarding this.

Both the College’s Governors and Eskdale School’s Governors have met, very recently, to consider proposals put forward by the Local Authority in order for us to achieve a single school and Sixth Form for Whitby and the surrounding area. I can inform you that Caedmon College Whitby’s Governors agreed to the Local Authority’s proposal to consult on amalgamating with Eskdale School for September 2016. Both schools are very mindful of ensuring that Year 9 students are not disadvantaged in any way by this change and there will be an open evening soon after 9 February so that parents and students can discuss GCSE options with staff and raise any questions.

The College’s Governing Body believe the Local Authority’s proposal will safeguard the educational offer for all the students of Whitby and the surrounding area, from age 11 to 19, providing them with the ambitious, collaborative solution that they need and deserve.

I hope that you will support the Local Authority and two schools in this exciting venture. You will, of course, be given the opportunity to be involved in the Local Authority’s consultation on this matter, and will be asked for your views by the Local Authority, in due course.

Yours sincerely

Richard Simpson
Chair of the Governing Body

LA proposal to create a single 11-19 school

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