School lunches and ParentPay accounts

Please can you ensure that you check your son/daughter’s ParentPay account regularly to ensure that there is sufficient credit to enable them for their dinner each day. It appears that there may be a small minority of students who are given cash by their parents to pay into the machine in College to top up their ParentPay balance for their lunches, and are not using the cash for the purpose intended and are expecting the College to provide a lunch, even though they do not have credit on their account.

Unfortunately, last week, there was a problem with the dinner accounts and the canteen tills in College. This meant that there was a backlog of entries from the transactions that took place during that week. The problem meant that the canteen staff could not check whether students had sufficient money on their accounts and some students then went overdrawn. Can you please, therefore, ensure that your son or daughter always pays the money you supply them with for lunches into their account or, alternatively, that you top up your son or daughter’s account for them using a credit or debit card via the online ParentPay system. If you need any help to do this, please contact the College office who will be pleased to help you.

Thank you.

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