Whitby Ryedale Track and Field Championships

Caedmon College Athletes competed over 2 days at the Whitby Ryedale Track and Field Championships. The field events were hosted on our Scoresby site and the track events, two days later at Ryedale School. To qualify to represent the area at the District Championships at York next week, athletes had to finish in the gold silver or bronze medal position. Listed below are our athletes who managed to do just that! We wish them well for their next round. Reminder that training is on Scoresby on Monday night for Years 7 and 8 and at Normanby on Tuesday night for Years 9 and 10.

Year 7 Girls

  • Grace Cook (1500m)
  • Evie Hartley-Tull (100m)
  • Rosa-Lee Swales (200m)
  • Daisy Stokoe (800m and Javelin)
  • Jessie Price (Discus)
  • Rebecca Morgan (Shot)
  • Evie Stonehouse (High Jump)
  • Katie Beeforth (Relay)

Year 8 Girls

  • Phoenix Sykes (100m)
  • Abbie White (1500m)
  • Artemis Bazigou (High Jump)
  • Annabelle Scholey (Long Jump)

Year 9 Girls

  • Emily Lewis (100m and Discus)
  • Daisy Storr (Shot)
  • Anna Lees (High Jump)
  • Issy Hogarth (1500m)
  • Jasmine Kent (800m)

Year 10 Girls

  • Jaz Parkes (Shot)
  • Chloe Dyson (Javelin)
  • Naomi Garbutt (Discus)
  • Tilly Adamski (Long Jump and 1500m)
  • Jessie Locker (Triple Jump)
  • Ellis Price (High Jump)

Year 7 Boys

  • Marshall Kelly (200m)
  • Callum Simpson (High Jump and Javelin)
  • Mathew Sharpe (Discus)
  • Kobie Boocock (Shot)

Year 8 Boys

  • Will Jackson
  • Ed Charlesworth
  • Luke Barnard
  • Joe Hutchinson
  • Arnie Wright

Year 9 Boys

  • Elliot Hewison (100m and Relay)
  • Tommy Joblin (200m, 400m and Relay)
  • Jayden Brown (800 and Relay)
  • Ben Botham (1500m, Relay, Triple Jump and Relay Team)
  • Mackenzie Gordon (High Jump)

Year 10 Boys

  • Sheldon Hegarty (High Jump and 400m)
  • Callum Marsay (800m)
  • Jack Knowles (1500m)
  • Sam Pell (Javelin)




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