Double STEM victory for Year 7 Caedmon College Whitby Science students

Successful Year 7 students

Successful Year 7 students

Successful Year 7 students

Successful Year 7 students

Two Year 7 teams have done the College proud at two separate STEM challenge tournaments. Last week, nine Year 7 students travelled to Elvington Air Museum and competed in two different teams, racing solar boats across a lake. Both College teams won their respective classes, collecting two trophies for the cabinet at the Scoresby Site. A big well done to Paige Brannick, Alexander Harrison-Gaze, William Cockerill, Holly Gibbons, Jayden Davies, Wilfred Witney, Landing Kolley, Grace Elder and Kai Hayes (see pictures – Successful Year 7 students holding the winning solar boat and cup).

IET Faraday Challenge

On 27 June, a team of six Year 7 students travelled to the University of Sunderland to take part in the annual IET Faraday Challenge. This year, the competition was about using BBC micro:bit computers and engineering a solution to a real-world problem – for example, health. The day was jam-packed with new information and challenges that the team took in their stride; they didn’t stop working for the whole day and, after a 7.30am start, did amazingly well!

Our host from the IET introduced the challenge to us with some examples of how the micro:bit has actually been used. After this, each team decided upon a theme and team members were allocated their individual role for the day. The micro:bit is an amazing piece of technology, smaller than a credit card, which can easily be programmed to make use of its LED’s, accelerometer and compass; it also has the capability for adding other components, such as buzzers, thermistors (to measure temperature) and much more.

Pic faraday

Faraday Challenge

The team decided to make one of their micro:bits into a revision timer that gave a countdown and buzzed to tell you to take a break. This may seem like an easy thing to do, but it required considerable determination to try new ideas and to learn how to write the code that actually told the micro:bit what to do. However, their determination and teamwork paid off – the students won the challenge and were one of the top five teams in the country. In doing so, they have won an all-expenses paid trip to Bletchley Park, the home of the Enigma codebreakers!

College staff are extremely proud of the students’ achievements and what a brilliant end to their Year 7 studies at the College! Many congratulations to all the students involved.

David Willison, Alexander Harrison-Gaze, Naomi Fester, Rebecca Morgan, Bethany Mortimer and Grace Cook

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