Enrichment Day – Tuesday 19 July 2016

Visit to York Minster 

As part of our Enrichment Programme, our Year 10 students will complete a short investigatory trip to York and the Minster as part of the theme, ‘My Place in the World’.

Students will be expected to arrive at College as normal and will be briefed on the events of the day on their arrival. They will travel from the College to York by coach and arrive at approximately 10.30am. The students will be divided into groups and each group will spend approximately 45 minutes at York Minster. At other times, the students will participate in a ‘treasure trail’ around York, exploring the sights of the city centre. There may be occasions when your son/daughter will be out of the direct sight of a member of College staff. They will, however, have access to staff at designated meeting points and be equipped with staff mobile phone numbers in case of emergencies.  This is classed as “remote supervision”. As an added safety precaution, group leaders will request the mobile telephone numbers of student in their group. These will be kept safely and will be destroyed at the end of the visit. Should you or your son/daughter not wish to give the group leader their mobile number, please make me aware of this prior to the morning of the visit.

Students will need to ensure that they wear College uniform and have a waterproof coat with them and suitable footwear for walking around the Minster and wider city.  They must also bring a pen and a pencil with them for the fieldwork activities. Students will require a packed lunch (those entitled to a free school meal will have a packed lunch provided for them on the day). If you prefer, your son/daughter may bring a small amount of money to buy their lunch whilst in York.

Please note that College rules regarding the use of mobile phones will remain in force when students are being addressed and given instructions by their teachers during the visit. However, students may use their own phones during lunch time and to take photographs and video footage at the site, for fieldwork purposes. Your son/daughter may also bring a sensible amount of money, if they wish, to make purchases from the gift shop. Please note that the College cannot be held liable for any loss of property, money or valuables.

In order for the College to arrange this visit, we request all parent or carers for a voluntary contribution of £10.00 to cover the cost of the coach and entry to the Minster. Whilst no Year 10 student will be excluded from the visit, an overall lack of contributions may lead to the visit being cancelled. Please note that this activity is not covered by ‘Parent Pay’ and only cash or cheques payable to ‘Caedmon College Whitby’ can be accepted. Any students not participating will remain in College and complete alternative enrichment activities.

Please complete the reply slip and return it to the College office, no later than Wednesday 13 July 2016.

Enrichment Trip to York – 19 July (04-07-16)

“My Future” Progression Fair – Tuesday 19 July 2016

Students will be attending the bi-annual Progression Fair on Tuesday 19 July where there will be the opportunity to meet over 20 higher education institutions as well local further education colleges, training providers and Sixth Form colleges. We are excited to tell you that there will also be a comprehensive range of local and national employers offering lots of career options across a diverse range of job sectors. There will be over 60 exhibitors representing a wide range of employment sectors. STEM Ambassadors will also be on hand to discuss science, engineering, technology and maths career options with students.

Advice & Information for Year 9 & Year 11 students
Year 9 students will visit the Progression Fair in the morning and Year 11 students will visit the Fair in the afternoon. Students will also be completing a Progression Questionnaire so that they can be given targeted support to help them progress into their chosen career pathway as they continue with their academic studies here at the College.

Advice & Information for Sixth Form students
Year 13 students will have a full day of workshops and activities to help them plan for the next step in their career pathway. The workshops will cover everything from applying for a place at university to apprenticeships and there will also be workshops covering a wide variety of careers in the healthcare sector including nursing, midwifery and physiotherapy. Year 13 students will also have the opportunity to visit the Progression Fair at lunchtime to meet employers, training providers and universities.

Advice & Information for Parents
We have asked the exhibitors to remain with us until 4.30pm to enable a time slot for parents and carers who may wish to support their son/daughter in planning their future. We would like to invite you to attend and explore the huge range of opportunities. Refreshments will be available for you at this time.

The “My Future” Progression Fair offers your son/daughter an excellent opportunity to explore their progression choices across a wide range of careers and study options. Please discuss this with them before the event and encourage them to ask questions so that they can explore the many opportunities available to them for both further study and employment. You are more than welcome to visit the event from 3.30pm to 4.30pm and we look forward to seeing you there.

Progression Fair – 19 July (04-07-16)

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