Year 11 Prom 2016

Caedmon College Whitby’s annual Year 11 prom was held on Wednesday 29 June at the fantastic Cross Butts. Despite the driving rain from earlier in the day, the sun came out just in time to shine down on nearly 150 Year 11 students. Hair was curled to perfection and sharp suits were donned and hundreds of friends and family turned out to watch the arrival of the class of 2016. The Stables was flooded with a fleet of swanky cars, some of which were being driven by students’ chauffeurs for the evening (AKA the Dads of Whitby!) Every student looked incredible and the atmosphere outside was electric. It was lovely to see so many families had come to take pictures and to be part of the occasion.

The Stables was a beautiful, glamourous location for the prom and the College would like to thank the whole team there for their generosity and efforts. The venue was absolutely stunning which added to the memorable atmosphere, and College staff and students were delighted by the excellent, professional staff who went out of their way to make the experience incredibly special.

The food was also fabulous; burgers, pizzas, cones of chips and pulled pork – everything that growing 16 year olds need! The Stables had also provided a full range of ‘mocktails’ which gave the event a real sense of sophistication and style.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the ‘party booth’- an inflatable photo booth where they could go, in groups, and have photos taken with a range of props. Needless to say, many members of the College staff couldn’t resist and clasping inflatable guitars as they queued alongside students!

There were a number of awards given, in acknowledgement of students’ achievements and qualities. The Olympian of the Future went to Daisy Drake. Prime Minister of the Future went to Jolyon Cox and the Nobel Prize Winner of the Future award was shared by Kenzie Greenwood and Emma Raw. The best dressed boy award was given to the always immaculate Will Drake, and the best dressed girl went to the beautiful Lauren Hall. The prom king and queen awards were hotly contested. There were so many students who had represented the College or proven themselves to have the attributes that both staff and students admire and respect. In the end, the winners were Joshua Crabtree and Polly Diaz-Thompson. Staff recognised these students for their resilience, dedication, honesty and compassion

The night was a truly local affair, with superb DJing from Jack Wilson – a former student and current member of staff. Former students Charlotte Winspear and Lydia Stephens were on hand as official photographers for the night and there were large members of the teaching and support staff who helped the students celebrate in style

The night was rounded off with singing and dancing to ‘Come on Eileen’, and everyone’s hands were in the air when ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ ended the night. Students left at 11.00pm after a wonderful evening celebrating the end of GCSEs and the beginning of their future studies. As with previous years, the College is hugely proud of its enthusiastic, excited and impeccably behaved students.

The College looks forward to sharing results day with them, on Thursday 25 August and can’t wait to welcome back such a fabulous year group in September.

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