1-to-1 Device Scheme iPad/Chromebook for students

New Technologies at Caedmon College Whitby:  1-to-1 Device Scheme iPad/Chromebook for students

As you know Caedmon College is keen to ensure that our students are at the forefront of leading edge technological changes and have the capability to maximise their learning potential. As such we have been looking at the best technology available, to promote students learning and engage them in 21st century learning and thinking. We have developed a scheme whereby all students and their families’ are offered the opportunity to own an iPad or Chromebook.

The Apple iPad can be used by students in a variety of ways for learning and leisure:  researching by using the internet, e-mailing, videoing, filming and photography, using a variety of apps to develop and extend learning in many subject areas, producing a variety of written and verbal assignments, developing presentations, reading books and news items, receiving push notifications and iBooks from staff and College as well as a host of other uses. Some aspects of the technology will benefit young people with special educational needs and disability.

The Chromebook is a small and lightweight laptop that runs Chrome OS. This is designed to work with Google Apps which we utilise within College and can also access many other apps from within the Google appstore. With a long battery life, instant on capability and durable build Chromebooks are a lighter, quicker and cheaper alternative to ‘standard’ laptops.

Over the course of the last two academic years the College has been trialing iPads with groups of students and more recently we have been working with Airy Hill to look at their use of Chromebooks. In addition a number of staff have been using these devices in classrooms to support the teaching and learning. Overwhelmingly the students have found these devices great to use and have opened up new ways of working and learning.

We would like to offer all parents/carers and students the opportunity to take part in a finance scheme that offers the option to purchase a device for ownership. There is a web portal/shop that will give parents/carers of students more information and the opportunity to purchase an iPad Air 2 16Gb or 64Gb or two different Chromebooks by leading manufacturers. Payments for these items can be spread over a period of up to 36 months and no credit checks are required. Any items purchased via the portal will automatically include a warranty and insurance to cover accidental damage or theft for three years. The portal will be open for orders until 4.00pm on Friday 23 September. This will allow the orders to be fulfilled and devices made available for distribution to students in October.

Portal web address – https://alllearnportal.parentportal.biz/caedmon
Code to access – CAED669702

Andrew Whelan
Senior Teacher Digital Learning

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The Scheme and its affordability
In all our deliberations about the scheme Governors have been keen to ensure our proposal is affordable to all parents/carers whatever their personal circumstances. We have engaged a leasing partner to manage the scheme on our behalf.

The cost to parents/carers is a maximum of £15.55 per month (iPad Air 64Gb) or £7.17 per month (Viglen Chromebook) for three years and with the last payment you will own the device outright. Devices can be bought outright, over two years or three years.
Students who already have an iPad or other tablet/netbook are allowed to use them at College but parents/carers need to be aware that they will be constrained by the filtering system that we have to use. These devices would not be covered by the College insurance and students will not automatically receive the suite of Apps we will be downloading on student devices unless they individually downloaded.

How do I access the scheme?
The order portal can be found at https://.alllearnportal.parentportal.biz/caedmon/ and you can log in using the code CAED669702. Here you will find the different devices on offer and the payment information.
The last date for sign up for the scheme is Friday 23 September so that we can order the devices and have them ready in time for mid-October collection.

When will you get the iPad/Chromebook?
We plan to distribute the devices on one evening in mid-October. You will receive an invitation to come and collect them and sign the acceptable use policy.

Please note the iPad/Chromebook can be taken home every day but it must brought in fully charged everyday for use in lessons.

All students and families will have the opportunity to attend a device training session on how to use the iPad/Chromebook and we will be running sessions for students and parents/carers on how best to use and manage their iPad, including e-safety information throughout the year.

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