Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme for Y12

As part of the Caedmon College Sixth Form experience this year we would like all our Year 12 students to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh (D of E) award scheme. This is a new venture and something we are very excited about.

Nowadays the competition for jobs, apprenticeships and University places is at an all-time high and we want to give our students as much chance as possible to be successful in their chosen pathway. The feedback we have had from both employers and Universities is that students need more than just academic qualifications in their applications. They are looking for evidence of commitment, teamwork, leadership and a determination to try new things, all of which are developed by participants who take part in the D of E Scheme. The scheme is an internationally recognised award by both employers and universities and the latest press releases comment that “it is held in higher regard than all other awards and shows employers the work ready skills D of E award holders have to offer.”

We do understand that a students’ time is very precious and many will feel they already have a number of other commitments to fulfil, but hopefully this will be a way of accrediting what many are already doing. For example, learning to drive or cooking tea once a week can be used in the skill section. The plan is to use the Enrichment time in College to support students as they progress through the scheme. Please ask your son/daughter to indicate how they might demonstrate their competencies in the award sections listed on the reply slip. For more information and help with this refer to http://www.dofe.org/skills-section.

It is our intention to run an expedition over a week in the summer term, for those students who have managed to complete all the other sections of the award. The cost of registration with the D of E is £20 and there will be a further, small charge for the expedition. We do not want to disadvantage any of our students and so if there is an issue with the cost involved, please contact the Sixth Form Office in the first instance.

We want to make the award accessible for everyone and so, if you have any worries or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Our full Charging and Lettings Policy can be accessed via the following link under the Finance sub-heading: http://www.whitbycc.co.uk/wccpages/CollegePolicies.htm

Please complete the expression of interest form attached and return it with the £20 registration fee, to the College office, as soon as possible.

Steve Graham
Senior Teacher: Outdoor Learning and Personal Development

Katherine Price
Duke of Edinburgh Co-ordinator

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