Letter to all parents: Responding to student views

Dear Parent/Carer

Responding to student views

I hope you already know, but we take the views of our students very seriously; this comes in many ways as we listen to them every week. Recently, they have been saying that too many students are doing things that the majority do not want at Caedmon College Whitby; this is backed up by what staff have also been saying. As a result we will enforcing what we believe in more tightly from Monday 5 December 2016. There will be nothing new and 95% of students and families will not notice anything different.

However, the small minority that are causing concern will now find (through assemblies and work with their tutor next week) that all College policies will be fully enforced. Specifically, we expect that students adhere to the following points:

  1. Come to College and arrive to lessons on time.
  2. Are exceptionally well behaved on all public/school transport.
  3. Have a good attitude to their learning and do not disturb others.
  4. Are well dressed in their full uniform when they arrive and leave the site.
  5. Use their locker for personal possessions, including their coat.
  6. Eat only in the canteen and do not leave litter anywhere.

For many years, we have raised standards at the College to the point that nearly all the feedback we receive is positive. This has happened through the support we have given each other; I now need to ask a small number of students to be more responsible and mature in some aspects of their behaviour. I cannot and will not allow anyone to spoil things for everyone else.

If you wish to discuss this with me, please no not hesitate to do so and many thanks for your continued support to all the staff at the College.

Yours sincerely
Keith Prytherch

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