Post 16 Transport Information 2017/18




Are you considering going onto further education at your nearest sixth form or college in September 2017?

If you are, and you require transport assistance to get there, please read the following to see if you may be entitled to assistance through the Local Authority.

Am I eligible for post 16 transport assistance?

  • will you be over 16 and under 19 on 1 September 2017 and live in North Yorkshire?
  • will you be attending a full time further education course?
  • will you be attending the nearest sixth form or college to your home address or be attending the secondary school that is recognised as the catchment school for your home address?
  • is the above school or college more than three miles from your home address by the nearest walked route?
  • is the school/college the nearest establishment offering a course that the Authority considers suitable to a student’s career choice, or that is a pre-requisite for entry onto higher education?

What if I want to study A-levels or a vocational course which is not offered near to my home address?

If you attend a school/college that is not the nearest or the catchment school/college to your home address you will not be entitled to assistance with transport from NYCC and you will have to make your own arrangements and finance the full cost of your travel.

An exception may be made if it is the nearest establishment offering one or more A-levels, or a vocational area, that is a pre-requisite for entry into your chosen degree course or career path.

We ask for this information on the application form and we will look at your combination of subjects and refer to the UCAS website for guidance. Only when the combination is essential will we approve assistance.

What if I have special educational needs?

Applications for students with an Education and Health Care Plan will be considered on an individual basis by an Assessment and Review Officer.

How much does transport assistance cost and how can I pay?

The contribution for 2017/18 is £490.00. Students whose families are on low income and can provide evidence of a means-tested benefit, maybe entitled to a 50% reduction. Please see our website for information on qualifying benefits.

You can pay in full or by 9 monthly direct debit instalments, cheque or credit card.

There is no charge for students with an Education Health Care Plan, students living on their own on Income Support in their own right, students who are Looked After by NYCC and students who are registered young carers (proof will be required).

Do I have to stay on at school and what is ‘raising the participation age’ (RPA)?

The Government has changed the law so that all young people are required to continue in education or training until the end of the academic year in which they turn 18.

Raising the participation age is not the same as raising the school leaving age and does not mean that you have to stay on at school. It does mean that you will need to continue to study or train ie:

  • study full time in school, college or with a training provider
  • full time work or volunteering combined with part time study or training
  • an apprenticeship.

Although the Government has introduced the RPA, they have not given Local Authorities any additional funding for home to school transport. As it is not compulsory for you to stay on at school, students are expected to pay towards post-16 transport assistance.

Will this be the cheapest option for me?

Depending on where you live, this may not be the most cost effective means of getting to school or college for you. Some students may be able to arrange their own transport, but this is something you need to explore yourself.

Can I choose how I travel?

No. The Authority will determine the type of transport which is the most cost effective means of getting to school or college. This is normally at the beginning and end of a school/college day. Additional transport will not be arranged if your course starts later in the morning or earlier in the afternoon. Transport will be arranged from the nearest pick up from your home address which maybe some distance away.

If there is no transport available you may be offered an allowance instead.

The college I am going to attend have said they will pay for me?

If you apply to NYCC you will still need to provide a form of payment until we have assessed your application form. If you are entitled to assistance with us, once the college have confirmed that they will cover the cost, your bank details will be deleted from our system. If you are not entitled to assistance with us, you will need to approach the college direct to see if they can offer any additional support.

What if my circumstances change or I decide to leave?

You must notify us as soon as possible if your circumstances change as we will need to reassess your application. If you leave school/college or no longer need your bus pass, you must return any permit issued to you as soon as possible. You will remain liable for the cost of the pass until it is received by us. It is recommended that you return it by recorded delivery so you obtain proof of postage to the Jesmond House address below.

You are unable to cancel your assistance after the 1 April (due to transport services being contracted for the full academic year).

If you are not awarded transport assistance can I appeal?

Yes, we offer a 2 stage appeal process. You can challenge the decision of the Local Authority to refuse to provide assistance with transport.

You will need to specify why you are challenging the decision and you can provide any details of any special circumstances we need to know about. The information provided will be reviewed by a senior officer and you will be notified of the decision.

If it is not granted, you have 20 days to make a written request, by submitting an appeal form, asking for your case to be considered by appeal panel. The panel is made up of 3 County Councillors and you are welcome to attend this hearing to put forward your case. You will be notified in writing of the outcome of this appeal.

How do I apply?

You can apply on line and arrange to pay by direct debit through the following link from the end of May. Please apply by 31 July 2017. We cannot guarantee transport will be in place for the start of the term if you apply after this date.

Payment will only be applied, reduced or waived once we have assessed that you are entitled to assistance with transport. If you are unable to apply online please email for an application or see contact details below. Please note we are unable to assess eligibility over the phone.

Do have to renew my transport assistance each year?

Yes you will need to reapply each year through the following link

Who can I contact or where can I get more information?

More information and full terms and conditions can be found at
or by contacting the Transport Team at:
Jesmond House
31/33 Victoria Avenue
Tel: 01609533693

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