College Equestrian Team

Caedmon College won the area show jumping competition and qualified to represent North Yorkshire at the National Schools Equestrian Association Showjumping County Championships at Bury Farm Equestrian Village.

Students who competed at the Championships were Bethany Clarkson, Rosie Barber, Tilly Adamski, Issy Hogarth and Abigail Parkes.

All five riders rode and conducted themselves incredibly well and with a smile, their horses looked immaculate and smart in their new school saddle pads kindly donated by Parkol Marina. Saturday warm ups went well with three riders, Issy Hogarth, Tilly Adamski and Rosie Barber, getting two double clears and placed highly out of lots of entries.

On Sunday the team were just piped out of eighth place meaning we were ninth out of 30 teams from all the county’s in England. This was an excellent achievement for the 90cm team which was Bethany Clarkson, Issy Hogarth, Tilly Adamski and Rosie Barber. In the 1m round the team tried so hard and still smiled. Bethany Clarkson jumped a fantastic double clear, with Abigail Parkes, Rosie Barbour and Issy Hogarth in the team.

Many thanks to Mrs Clarkson who is our parent team manager and to Alison Wilson who is our team trainer and to all family members for the incredible support.

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