Faraday Challenge – 9 June 2017

On Friday 9 June, six Y8 students attended the IET Faraday Challenge. This national event attracts school from all over the country and allows them to use their science, technology, engineering and maths skills to solve real world problems, this year the team visited the University of Sunderland to take part. This year the challenge was based around the GB Americas Cup team at Landrover BAR. Students had to create a solution to a problem that the crew might face during their races, for example being too hot or cold, not allowing the mast to flex too much, etc; the team used a BBC Microbit to help solve some of these issues by coding it with a relevant programme. They presented their ideas to the rest of the teams and the IET representative, Becky.

Competition was tough and unfortunately the team didn’t win, however they gave it their best and the outreach representative from the University, Nikki, said that the presentation ‘blew her away’.

Well done team!

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