Iceland Trip

Students Elenor Bloor, Ben Botham, Issy Hogarth and Mae Knight make positive contributions towards the community during fundraising for their Icelandic trip. These four students were set a target of £1500 to fundraise alongside 25 community hours each in order to secure a place on what will be an amazing adventure. Which they have exceeded, kindly donating the extra funds to the British Exploring Charity.

The students have shown skills of independence, resilience and hard work during their fundraising project. They have successfully organised many fantastic events such as 50/50 raffle, Surgery car park and bake sales. There two biggest achievements were the Coffee morning at Fryup Village Hall and their Source to Sea. They were overwhelmed by the support of the locals at their coffee morning, such generous donations and a brilliant morning was had by all. The Source to Sea was a triathlon of a challenging route. They began their journey from Westerdale and walked a distance of 5 miles, then transferring to their bikes for a 16 mile ride of unforgiving terrain (lots and lots of hills) Finally the students then paddle boarded from Ruswarp to Whitby. The students showed amazing motivation during this event, all with smiles as they crossed the finish line.

The students are on an expedition from 5 July for 3 weeks. The aim of this expedition is to develop self-esteem, leadership, communication and team working skills and to help young people to apply those skills in ongoing education. During the expedition they will be camping out in the wild, near glacial melt rivers for drinking water and washing, trekking through Icelandic ‘forests’ of shin high trees and past the ruins of Viking dwellings to tackle mountain ascents; through rocky lava fields, reminiscent of scenes from ‘Lord of the Rings’ and through the empty, black, sandy volcanic dessert. A dominant on the horizon to the south-east of Base Camp is the mighty snow speckled Askja Volcano. Where we hope to follow in the footsteps of the American Astronauts, trekking to the crater rim to be rewarded with a truly awe-inspiring view of the vast Crater Lake Oskjuvatn, one of Iceland’s deepest lakes.


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