Election of a Parent Governor

I am writing to let you know that there is to be an election for a Parent Governor. The Governing Body is made up of 12 Governors of which four are elected by parents. There is currently one Parent Governor place to be filled. The term “parent” includes anyone who has custody of a child currently registered at Caedmon College Whitby, as well as “natural” parents. Parents can stand for election and vote in secret in the election, if a ballot is needed. As well as parents, the Governing Body is made up of Governors appointed by the Local Authority (the County Council), College staff, the Principal and Governors appointed by the rest of the Governing Body (Community Governors). Parent Governors have a four year term of office and continue to serve even if their child or children leave the College during this period.

What Do Governors Do?

The work of Governors affects most aspects of the College. Governors establish, with the Principal, aims for the College, approve policies – for the curriculum, behaviour and discipline, for example, and are responsible for the College budget and use and maintenance of the premises. More generally, they are expected to be in touch with the local community and to help to guide the College to meet the community’s educational needs. They are also expected to help the College to explain to the community what the College is trying to achieve for young people. A leaflet, providing further information, is available from the Governor Support Unit, County Hall, Northallerton; telephone 01609 532936, or by emailing the Governor Support Unit at County Hall via Governor.Support@northyorks.gov.uk.

The Governors, together as a body, have a range of legal responsibilities, so being a Governor is an important commitment and new Governors should be willing to attend training to help them to learn what is entailed.

Do Parent Governors have Special Responsibilities?

No. Parent Governors do not have “extra” duties. All Governors are equally responsible and discharge their responsibilities as a ‘body’, not individually. Parent Governors speak as parents: they cannot speak for all parents.

Are there any restrictions which could disqualify parents from becoming Parent Governors?

Yes, but they are unlikely to apply to most parents considering becoming a Parent Governor. The restrictions are contained in the School Governance (Constitution) (England) Regulations 2003, Schedule 6 and subsequent amendment Regulations. A copy of these is attached as a Self-Declaration form. Parents putting themselves forward for election will be required to sign this form and return it with a nomination form. If any of the restrictions apply, you should not proceed with your nomination as a Governor. Also, you are disqualified from election or appointment as a Parent Governor if you are an elected member of the Local Authority (or if you are paid to work at the College for more than 500 hours in any twelve month period commencing on 1 August and finishing on 31 July).

Governors may be subject to enhanced DBS (formerly CRB) checks and the elected parent will be provided, by the College with the requisite form to complete and take to the Principal along with proof of identity (as detailed in the list of Valid Identity Documents). The Principal will then pass the completed form to the CRB Unit at County Hall for checking and forwarding, as required. The term of office of the successful candidate (s) may only commence once a clear enhanced DBS Disclosure has been received by the College, should this be required.

How are Parent Governors Elected?

Parent Governors must be people (aged at least 18) who have a child(ren) at Caedmon College Whitby when they are elected. Nomination forms are available from the College and our website. Each form must be signed by the candidate. Candidates should also make a short statement about themselves – a maximum of 50 words will be allowed and this will be rigidly applied. A simple form for this purpose will be provided with nomination forms. Please return the form to me as quickly as possible. If more nominations are received than there are places to fill, there will be a secret ballot and I will send to each parent, ballot forms (one per parent) and envelopes for their return. The form explains how votes may be cast.

If the number of nominations received is the same as the number of places to be filled, then those people will be declared elected. If there are fewer, those nominated will be declared elected and it will be for the Governing Body to fill any remaining vacancy by appointing a Parent Governor.

The rules for the election are written down in Procedures set by the Local Authority, and these are available from the College and its website.

Result of the Election

The names of those elected will be displayed at the College for at least seven days and will be stated on the College website and other College publications as appropriate. Anyone having any query about the election is invited to contact the College.

Yours sincerely
Keith Prytherch
Principal and Returning Officer


Statement in Support of Election

Nomination Paper

Parent Governor Elections Self-Declaration Form

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