Scarborough Fair

Scarborough Fair will be with us from Wednesday 20 September – Friday 23 September.

North Yorkshire Police have provided the below advice to ensure families and young people enjoy the event and stay safe:

  • Keep your money and mobile phones in a safe and secure place. Consider wearing clothes that have pockets with zips or using a money belt to keep your property safe.
  • If you see anything suspicious report it immediately to a Police Officer, Police Community Support Officer, Stewards or Fairground Staff.
  • If attending the fair with small children consider using a wrist link or harness to prevent them wandering off. Also give children guardian contact details to carry, so any children who become lost can be reunited with their guardians quickly.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the location of the Police, First Aid and Lost/Found Children Offices.
  • Plan a safe way to get home, avoid walking home alone where possible and let someone know what time you expect to arrive.

North Yorkshire Police will be patrolling the fairground throughout the event. Anti -Social Behaviour will not be tolerated, anyone found to be causing a nuisance or underage drinking will be dealt with by Police accordingly.

PC 1396 Sara Widdrington

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