Childhood Immunisation Team Newsletter

The childhood immunisation team is just completing the last few sessions of the first dose HPV vaccinations to Year 8 girls; this was offered via the new online consent system. Any change in processes has its difficulties, and we are teasing out some of the finer details that have been reported.

One of the main difficulties is parents consenting within a week of the session date; this means that the team cannot order vaccine in time. Can we encourage all schools, and parents to complete the consents when it is first sent out and the reminders should be sent out 2-4 weeks before the session date? This consent form is open all year round.

We will catch up all girls that a late consent was received in the New Year.

Feedback from parents is positive, they prefer the online system.

We will be sending out E letters for year 9 Men ACWY and DTP vaccinations in November and final reminders will be sent out the week before the Christmas holidays.

All the dates have been booked in advance, if you are unsure of your dates please email the team on the below details.

Team email: childhood.immunisations@hdft.nhs.ukNorth

Tel: 01423 542360

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