Yorkshire Region Biathlon Championships & Schools Qualifier

15 October 2017

York University Sports Centre Track Y010 5NA and

The York University Sports Village pool Y010 5FG

Closing Date: 29 September 2017

This is a qualifying competition for the British Modern Biathlon Championships and the British Schools Modern Biathlon Championships.

For further details of the Modern Biathlon Series 2017/18 including the format and how to enter and for qualification places available etc. please visit https://www.pentathlongb.org/schools/index.php

Entries will open online at 11am on the 11 July and will be restricted to 500 athletes.

The competition entry fee is £12 and athletes need to be fully paid members of Pentathlon GB

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Isabelle Barnard – isabellebarnard7@gmail.com

Ann Marshall – ann.marshall@pentathlongb.org

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