College Arrangements in the event of Bad Weather

Under all circumstances the safety of students will dictate our actions and the Principal will endeavour to work with all outside agencies to ensure the safety of all students.

The following points should help us all to be clear about what will occur in the event of severe weather:

  • Once students are in College, we would tend to keep them here until the weather improves to ensure their safety. Students requesting to go home early during a snowstorm should be discouraged.
  • Under normal circumstances, we will try to stick to our normal transport arrangements, as this is usually the safest plan for students.
  • If weather is particularly bad and students cannot get home, they will be able to stay in College with supervision by senior staff.
  • No student should ask reception staff to make private arrangements. In poor weather, the Principal will act centrally to try to ensure the best arrangements for all students.
  • In the event of us needing to send students home early, we will endeavour to contact a responsible adult who will accept responsibility for that student going home early. We are responsible for all students until a parent/carer is able to ensure each students’ safety.
  • If the weather is poor overnight, the Principal will make decisions about transport at 7.00am, in consultation with police and local transport. He will contact Yorkshire Coast Radio, BBC Radio York, Radio Cleveland and Century FM if a decision is made to close the College for students. This information is normally published on the radio station websites.
  • The quickest way for staff to find out if the College will be closed is to follow @keithprytherch on Twitter. Staff should also sign up to the College newsfeed via the intranet home page, as information will be put on the College website as soon as possible once a decision has been made.
  • All staff are contractually required to make the best effort they can to attend work. If they cannot get into College, they should report to their nearest NYCC school for duty.
  • The most senior member of staff present in College will make decisions about the immediate running of the College, although it is likely that they will have had contact by phone with the Principal if he is not in.
  • All staff should expect to attend a staff briefing at such times to ensure the very best chance of communication.
  • No member of staff should expect to leave the College during the working day without the permission of the Principal or the ‘acting principal’ (most senior member of staff present) in the interests of safety of all students.

Jackie Hunter
Business Manager
Caedmon College Whitby

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