Year 8 Trial Exams

I am writing to inform you that trial examinations for Year 8 will take place during the week commencing Monday 22 January. The examinations will include Maths, English, Science, French, History and Geography. Students will be expected to follow formal examination rules eg, no mobile phones or similar portable devices will be allowed in the exam hall. In doing so, we hope to instill good exam habits so that students will become more aware and comfortable with the expectations and protocol for future examinations.

We are encouraging all students to work hard in the build up to these examinations and to try their very best on the day. These examinations are just one of a number of indicators that allow us to track student performance and, although they are a valued method of assessing progress, we are equally keen for students to engage in the process of exam preparation and its importance, in order to be successful. Realising and appreciating the value of revision and the examination process, as well as the using the tools for effective revision will put the students in a position of strength for the future. Students have been signposted to revision resources, most of which are on Google Classroom, and have been revisiting prior learning in some lessons. To help students to further prepare, we have scheduled some revision workshops in the coming week.

Please encourage your son/daughter to make full use of all the revision resources and do not hesitate to speak with their coach or subject teacher if they have any questions.

Thank you in anticipation of the support you will provide for your son/daughter during this period of time – we appreciate this will seem stressful to some students. As mentioned above, at this stage in your son/daughter’s education, we are aiming mainly to develop their revision skills and their appreciation of effective revision techniques through this process.

Yours sincerely,
Anna Harrison
KS3 Director of Learning

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