Poor Weather Procedures

  • If poor weather prevents us from opening the College for any reason, announcements will be made on Yorkshire Coast Radio and BBC Radio Tees. The announcements will be made as early as possible in the morning. A list of school closures can be found in the first instance via our Twitter account and Facebook accounts and via local radio stations including the Yorkshire Coast Radio website http://www.yorkshirecoastradio.com/schools/school-closure-list/.
  • If snow arrives suddenly, please do not ring the College (unless it is an emergency), as this blocks the College switchboard and prevents staff from contacting the transport companies who need to update us about any changes to student collections. If we have been provided with up to date mobile phone numbers, we will try to send out text messages where possible. We will also try and keep our website updated.
  • During bad weather, students who use school transport are required to wait at their pick up point for 15 minutes from the time their transport is due. If school transport does not run on a morning due to the weather, it may not run on the evening. If you decide to bring your son or daughter into College, you need to be aware that you may have to return to collect them.
  • In the event of bad weather during the College day, we will put the safety of students first. We will consult the transport companies and the Local Authority Highways Division or Police where necessary and will not allow students to travel home unless we are confident of a safe journey home. Contact via mobile phone is useful during busy times and so it would be helpful if students with mobile phones brought them into College during the winter (but the rules in school time for these will apply). Any students unable to contact home using their mobile or to make satisfactory arrangements MUST seek assistance from a member of staff.
  • As a consequence of the treacherous road conditions during previous winters, some of the buses were unable to reach their destinations. After discussions with the bus companies and NYCC Passenger Transport it has been agreed that, should this situation occur again and the buses are unable to continue on their journey, students may contact someone to collect them from the bus, but they MUST STAY ON THE BUS until they are picked up.
  • All students travelling by coach from the Castleton/Danby area may take the train in the event of poor weather. Students should speak to a Train Steward in order to ensure they will have a warrant to travel in these circumstances. The decision to take the train can be made by any parent based upon prevailing weather conditions, but parents are responsible for transport to and from the station. Live information regarding the Esk Valley Line can be found at: http://www.eskvalleyrailway.co.uk/live/
  • If the College is open, but you decide to keep your son or daughter at home due to severe weather, you must let us know. The office will be open from 8.00am; alternatively you can leave a message on the College answer phone or email: post@ccwhitby.org
  • Further information regarding school transport can be found on the NYCC school transport website at northyorks.gov.uk/schooltransport or www.northyorks.gov.uk/school-closures
  • In the exceptional cases, where the College has to be closed early and your son or daughter cannot get home, or you cannot collect them, please try to have an arrangement in place with a relative or family friend so that they have somewhere local and safe to go. This is vital for students living in very rural areas.
  • It is important for all students that disruption to their education is kept to a minimum and parents should be reassured that College will only close when it is absolutely necessary for the safety of students and staff.

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