‘Beast from the East’!

Monday 26 February around 9.00pm the snow hit Whitby and the surrounding areas HARD. In fact, so hard that it followed three ‘snow days’ throughout schools in the UK! Temperatures dipped below as far as -4°C, though we were told it might feel as cold as -10 in some areas! Snow has caused chaotic events on the Scarborough and Pickering roads, involving roadblocks and car collisions. Over social media there have been weather warnings from Yellow to Amber to Red.

On the positive side, there have been some fantastic photos of ‘Winter in Whitby’ otherwise known as ‘White-by’! Photos have consisted of the view of the Abbey through the Whale Bones, the 199 steps and the cliffs from the beach. On the negative side, there has now been a snow storm warning given – ‘Storm Emma’ however, the storm hasn’t really hit Whitby – YET!

Have fun in the snow folks!

Carter Nixon, Y8

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