Following the Year 7s and Year 8s completing stages 1 and 2 of their ‘Bikeability’ in Key Stage 1 and 2, they are now being given the chance to complete the next Stage 3. Students are looking forward to their half day ‘Bikeability’ course, but also to learn more about how the road works for cyclists. Over the course of 3 weeks, the students have been given choices of dates to complete the course. The course is approximately 3 hours long and will either be in the morning or afternoon, therefore they will still be able to continue with half a day’s worth of lessons. During the course, students will be given more freedom than they had in their primary schools, including conquering roundabouts, mastering the main roads and learning how bike riding in everyday life can be useful. There are still dates available to complete the course, see Mr Hopper for a letter if you’d like to take part.

Carter Nixon, Y8

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