Easter Revision Sessions

Dear ​P​arent​/Carer​

​Please note that s​tudents are invited to use the College Learning ​C​entre​,​ from 9​.00​am to 12​ noon​, on Tuesday 3​ April, Wednesday 4​ April​, Monday 9​ April​ and Tuesday 10​ April during the Easter holiday and I would be grateful if you could please remind your son/daughter of this and encourage them to attend. In addition​ to this,​ there ​will be​ subject​-​specific sessions being ​held for ​DT, Food, Maths, Engineering and ICT.

Please be aware that students ​have to be​ responsible for their own travel ​arrangements ​to and from​ the College for the above-mentioned sessions​. If ​a ​student ​has said they ​will​ attend any session but then fails to turn up,​ ​it will not be possible for us to follow this up on the day. However, we hope that you will encourage your son/daughter to attend all sessions relevant to them and to take up the offer of using the College Learning Centre in preparation for their external examinations in the summer.

​Thank you in anticipation of your support in this matter.
Yours sincerely
​Mr A Whelan
Senior Teacher

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