Important – Use of Chromebooks/Word Processors in Exams

​Dear Parent/Carer

​Please note that students are NOT able to use Chromebooks in ​​their external exam​inations, because, due to their set up​,​ they do not meet JCQ ​(exam board) ​requirements. The students that are awarded this facility will be accommodated in IT suites in the​ summer.

​It is not possible for the College to offer ‘typing’ as ​an ​option ​f​o​r​ students ​in their examinations ​at this point in time. All students that require this facility ​in the​ summer have already been identified and have the necessary evidence in place. ​Even though a ​student ​might ​use a typing aid as their ‘normal way of working’ in a lesson​,​​ it will NOT ​automatically ​mean ​it will ​be permitted for that student ​in their​ exam​inations​.

We are required by JCQ to have a ​’​Word Processor Statement​’​ ​which ​explains how th​is additional​ arrangement is awarded to students –  please see ​the ​attached for more information.

​Yours sincerely​
Mrs S Barnes
Examinations Officer​

Word Processor Statement 2017-18

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