Brilliant Club

Every Tuesday for one period we have been attending a class set up by the Brilliant Club with five other students. The teacher is a PHD tutor called Salina, she is from America and has moved to England to teach at the University of York and she taught us about Sociolinguistics. For five weeks we had tutorials on how people speak, different languages and regional accents in all countries. The tutorials were all to help us write a final assignment where we had to write up to 2000 words. Every tutorial we were given homework to help us remember what we had learnt and to help with the final assignment. We also had a visit to the University of York for an afternoon, where we had a tutorial, a tour around the university and also learnt about student life and got a free lunch! Now that we’ve handed in our final assignment we will get to graduate from the course, this will be at Durham University. It’s been a really interesting course and we’re looking forward to our graduation.

By Alex Roper and Fred Witney

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