Revision in Science for Years 9, 10 and 11

Tim Peak Experience

Science is a big subject, actually it is three big subjects! At the end of the three years you study science at GCSE, you will have six papers to sit, ranging from 75 minutes to 105 minutes each depending on whether you sit ‘Combined Science’ or ‘Separate Sciences’. That is a daunting task, and I want to give you some tips to help you succeed:

Start NOW. Even if you are in Year 9 – constantly reviewing the work you are covering will really help when it comes to the end of the course. Tests in Years 9, 10 and 11 always examine material from the early units, so it pays to have that secure knowledge.

Buy a revision guide. Your school exercise books stay at College. Buy a revision guide from the science department, we sell them at cost price; £5.50 for combined science and £8.25 for the separate sciences. You can use them in a number of ways; quick quizzes, end of topic questions, making flash cards…

Check out your year groups ‘Google Classroom’ we post videos, announcements, revision tips and information on upcoming tests, you really can’t afford to not be engaged in this.

Use GCSEpod. This is a powerful tool, sometimes somebody explaining things in a different way is all it takes for the penny to drop. The content has been screen by us, you can only access useful videos to you, unlike ‘youtube’ where you could be watching stuff from anther exam board!

Be ready for the ‘Required Practical’ part of the exam. It is the only thing you know is going to appear on the paper. In Year 11 you will get a required practical study booklet for each paper, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about it till then. Really concentrate on them when they are covered in class, and there are videos for each of them linked from your google classroom, if you can’t remember what they are all about.

Be positive – we are all anodes in the science department (ask your son/daughter!). Even if you think it’s too late to make a difference – it IS NOT. Anything you can do to prepare for your science exams is going to be useful. DON’T GIVE UP on science, because we won’t give up on you!

If you have any queries regarding preparation for the science exams, or anything else regarding science here at the college, please don’t hesitate to ask me at

Good luck.

Mr Mitchell
Director of Learning: Science


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