Whitby and the Moors Children’s Centre

Welcome to our April – July 2018 programme. NYCC Children and Families Service offers a wide range of activities for children aged 0-19.

Our Children’s Centre offers lots of different activities, most of which are free. Where many activities take place in the Children’s Centre itself, some take place in a range of other local community venues such as village halls so that you and your family will be able to access the Children’s Centre services wherever you live in the Whitby and Moors area. Activities are open to both parents, dads as well as mums and grandparents are welcome too. Often activities can involve older brothers and sisters as well, especially in school holiday periods. Sometimes being a parent can be quite lonely. You can meet other parents through Children’s Centre activities and have an opportunity to share and discuss the challenges every parent faces.

Children’s Centres can help to make it easier for you to find and use a range of local services. They give you opportunities to meet and share experiences with other parents and carers. They also provide you with simple and straight forward access to help and support at times when things may become difficult for you and your family.

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