Icelandic Trip Preparations

During the first week of the Easter holidays, ten students went to Trawsfynydd in Snowdonia​’s​ National Park​. This was to prepare for the Icelandic​,​ three​-​week expedition in July with the British Exploring Society.​ ​The week in Wales consisted of learning essential skills, such as setting up tents and working with trangias (cooking stoves), as well as survival and first aid skills ​which are ​essential to a wild camping expedition.

The first few days involved team-building exercises ​and​ our students ​worked​ with ​students from​ three other schools​,​ from across the country​,​ and were split into two teams or ‘fires’. The two teams then went on to learn navigation skills ​that were ​essential for the main event of the week – a two​-​day expedition involving wild camping and walking over a 500m ascent with all of their kit and food ​to be ​carried on their backs.​ ​The expedition was tough and there were many moments where the cold and wet could have seriously dampened spirits​,​ but all of our students met the challenges with such determination and spirit that they were an absolute credit to the ​C​ollege and​,​ as Rebecca Alcock said on return​ing​ ​to College ​o​n the Monday morning afterwards, “Wales was mint!”.

The students who took part were Mae Knight, Issy Hogarth, Ben Botham, Will Jackson, Olivia Morrison, Kate Simpson, Charlotte Everall, Rebecca Alcock, Louis Nelson and Jason Puckett and I am sure they will agree that they have all gained a great deal of positive outcomes from this visit. ​​

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