Italy Trip

Over the Easter holidays, from ​2-8 April, a group of Geography students from Caedmon College Whitby ​went to Sorrento,​ in the Bay of Naples,​ to explore and learn more ​about the geography of this ​area.

​The students and staff were a​ccom​modated​ in the harbour area of Sorrento, which proved to have great views of Vesuvius in the background. The ​evenings were ​spent exploring Sorrento and enjoying some amazing ice creams. Whilst there, visits included​ the UNESCO World Heritage Sites​ of Pompeii and Herculaneum,​ to see how the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD buried the two towns under a deep mantle of pebbles, mud and ash. Next was the Island of Capri -​ a stunning rocky island in the Tyrrhenian Sea where students went on​ a laser boat ride around the island,​ investigating the coastal landscape and also ​spent a leisurely ​day exploring the island.

​The students also were able to visit Mount Vesuvius -​ the only active volcano on the mainland of Europe, which is ​at present dormant after the last,​ disastrous eruption of 1944 when streams of lava poured down the volcano’s​ sides and showered Naples and the ​surrounding towns. They walked around the rim of the volcano’s​ magnificent crater, observing the fumerols and enjoyed ​some amazing views of the Naples coastline from the top.

​Finally, students​ visited​ an​ a​rchaeological museum in Naples ​which holds a collection of the remains from Pompeii and Herculaneum, followed by a visit to ​the Pozzuoli Flavian amphitheater – this is ​the third largest Roman amphitheater in Italy and o​nly the Roman Colosseum and the Capuan Amphitheater are larger. This amphitheatre was most ​likely built by the same architects who previously constructed the Roman Colosseum. The name Flavian Amphitheater is primarily associated with the Roman ​coliseum.

All the ​students and the ​accompanying staff had an amazing week on this Italian residential visit ​and, as always, the​ students were a credit to the College and their​ community.

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