The Arts at CCW

The Arts are thriving at CCW, this year our A-level, GCSE and KS3 students have created some amazing work not only in their classrooms but work which has been shared with peers, parents and the public. Our end of term ‘Festival of the Arts’ and ‘Musicality’ evening summed up the creativity, bravery, confidence and talent that our students have and they’ve been supported and encouraged by exceptional staff.

I’m lucky enough to work across all year groups and have the pleasure of helping our students take their next steps into Higher Education. All of our students have had offers from their chosen universities and colleges and it’s great to see so many of them going on to study the Arts, from Film-making to Fine Art and with offers of places from Falmouth to Edinburgh Whitby’s talent is taking off.

A visitor recently commented on the confidence of our students and their ability to ‘talk’ about what they do and how happy they were to share the experiences they have had this year. As a College we’re going to make sure that next year their experiences and opportunities keep on growing; not just in the Arts but in preparing them for life.

Ms Wright (teacher of Drama and UCAS adviser for CCW) 

Summer Arts Festival 2018

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