GO4SET Challenge 

This term Year 8 students have been involved in the GO4SET project. This is a 10 week Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) project that saw them creating their own STEM models and being exposed to STEM related employers and university students accessing a STEM related course. In teams, students had the option to build prototypes of sustainable schools, hotels or sporting venues. They had to do all the planning and preparation work prior to building their fantastic models. They also had to do lots of research and prepare a presentation to support their pitch to the panel of judges.

Overall winners – Athina Bazigou, Amy Heselton, Mia Clews, Esra Memis, Skylar Tyreman, Nicole Visker – My School is an Island

Student choice winners –  Matthew Grady, Matthew Robinson, Louie Brammell – Create Sport

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