A-level Results 2018

We are immensely proud of all our students who are progressing to a variety of opportunities from Russell Group universities to gap years abroad and employment to higher level apprenticeships. It is pleasing to note that none of our students are leaving without a suitable progression route and nearly all university applicants have accessed their chosen course. We are very proud of every single one of them, not just those who have achieved the highest grades. We hope that Caedmon College will continue to offer this fantastic post 16 service in Whitby for many years to come.

We would like to publicly congratulate the following students who are moving on to prestigious university courses and exciting opportunities:

  • Joly Cox (Bristol/Economics); who said “the pastoral support has been fantastic in helping me through a very difficult year personally and achieving the outcomes I needed for Bristol.”
  • Emma Raw (Edinburgh/Maths); who said “I found the support from my teachers extremely helpful, particularly their positivity through a stressful time.”
  • Evie Mason (Durham/Law); who said “the staff have been really thorough in their support given to helping students apply to university. They have worked tirelessly to ensure we are all happy with our choice.”
  • Yasmin Dimbleby (Gap Year/Voluntary work); who said “The atmosphere of the learning centre has provided a happy and focused base for us to learn together this year.”
  • Jeremy Baker (Loughborough/Automated Engineering); who said “all the teachers have gone above and beyond to help us this year and have specialised support for every individual.”
  • Jack Iredale (Falmouth/Film); who said “I have really appreciated the freedom I have been given to create. It has been a real honour to have been trusted with this freedom as it has enabled me to pursue what I love doing.”
  • Will Trotter (RAF/Aircraft Engineering) who said “the staff have been really welcoming and approachable. They genuinely want the best for us. I have always had an interest in working in engineering and I have really appreciated the personal advice and guidance I have received.”

Sixth Form College governor Jane Kenyon Miller expressed her congratulations to all students who have succeeded so highly and paid tribute to the College team. “It is pleasing to see so many students achieve results that put them on course to pursue their ambitions through higher education or excellent employment opportunities. This of course has been brought about by their hard work and the support, inspiration and hard work of staff at the College, especially their teachers.”

We are proud to be offering high quality Post 16 education in Whitby and would like to thank all families and the local community for the fabulous support we have received this year and very much look forward to working with you next year to achieve great things with our Post 16 students.


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