Uniform Reminder

Dear Parent/Carer

As this term draws to a close, I am writing with details of our uniform policy to aid you in the process of providing the appropriate College Uniform for your son/daughter going into the new academic year. We really appreciate your support in this, as the uniform provides students with a sense of community and identity. All items are available locally or online from Esk Valley Embroidery. The expected uniform is as follows:

Girls and Boys
Plain white shirt with collar
College tie
Black blazer with College badge
Plain black, polishable footwear
(trainers are permitted as long as they are fully polishable – no fabric or canvas are allowed, no visible logos or coloured writing)

Plain black skirt (skirts must be knee length – you may need to purchase from the women’s section rather than buying for the age of your daughter to ensure a decent length) or plain black trousers (not leggings, jersey material that are pull on, jeans style or cropped)
White or dark plain socks or black tights

Plain black trousers (not jeans style)
White or dark plain socks

PE Kit – Girls
Plain white polo shirt
Black shorts
White socks (outdoor)
Plain black fleece
Plain white polo shirt
Black shorts
Plain black or navy blue tracksuit bottoms/leggings
Black hockey socks

PE Kit – Boys
Plain white polo shirt
Black shorts
White socks (outdoor)
College rugby shirt
Plain white polo shirt
Black shorts
Plain black or navy blue tracksuit bottoms
Black football socks

Trainers/Boots are needed in PE dependent on the activity.
Football boots must be worn for football and rugby.
We strongly advise that shin pads are worn for football and hockey
and a gum shield for hockey and rugby.

Uniform (other than replacement ties) are NOT available from the College but can be purchased from Esk Valley Embroidery.

Make-up – must be minimal and natural looking. No false eyelashes, excessive use of highlighter, eyeliner or bright lip colours.

Jewellery – students are allowed to wear one pair of stud earrings only that are no bigger than a 5p piece. No facial piercings are allowed, specifically, nose, eyebrow or lip. A watch may be worn (although an i-watch or similar are not allowed when taking examinations or classroom tests). A single charity band is allowed. No rings, bracelets or necklaces are permitted.

Nails – nail varnish should be clear only. Coloured nail varnish including nude colours are not permitted. False nails, including French tips are also not permitted.

Mobile Phones and Headphones – mobile phones must be used in line with the College policy or will be confiscated. Headphones are not allowed to be visible through College Uniform and must be stored in either the students’ bag or locker.

Failure to follow the above conditions will result in contact with parents and sanctions as per the College policy. Should you believe there to be a genuine reason for your son/daughter not to be wearing the correct school uniform, please contact Mrs Gordon, Mr Bone or Mrs Wood prior to them attending College and they will discuss this with you. I enclose photographs of the correct uniform for ease of reference.

May I take this opportunity to wish all parents/carers and their families a very enjoyable and safe holiday and once again thank you for all your support.  

yours sincerely

Mr S Graham
Assistant Principal




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