Creative Club

The Creative Club has an outstanding year – 14 student having stories published, two short films and one student performing poetry at Musicport sessions! All students are welcome to join either remotely via the google classroom group or attend our ‘fun-charged’ meetings. Contact teacher Mr C Firth.

The Creative Club has had further success with two students – Rebecca Morgan and Maddison Walker – having poetry accepted for publication by Young Writers publishers in the forthcoming collection ‘The Poetry Games’. Both contributed outstanding contributions; Maddison two poems, Rebecca one and the quality of them was such that I have high hopes of one of them winning the competition – results will be announced later in the year.

A group of Year 12 students had letters published in the Whitby Gazette recently, along with a feature and photo of them – letter writers were Tom McBurney, Sam Whiteley, Kim Hunt and Emilia Pashley (plus ‘Angry of Lythe’ aka Mr Firth).

Mr Firth

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