Students discover about careers in sound

Nick Williams from the Northern School of Art

On Friday 5 October, the music department welcomed Dr Nick Williams from the Northern School of Art, who came in to talk to GCSE musicians about careers in sound. Nick has a PhD in Sound and Music and leads courses in sound design at the Northern School of Art, which will extend up to Masters level. He has worked extensively in film and musical theatre.

There are many career prospects for students going into sound design, such as studio production, being a sound designer for film, TV, theatre or broadcasting, becoming a sound artist or academia.

Nick brought along various household objects and worked with the students to demonstrate how ‘Foley’ sound effects are created, which was really fun (Holly being a frightened bird flapping away with rubber gloves and Harry being a dangerous driver with skid sounds on the road from a hot water bottle!). The GCSE music course gives students the opportunity to write a piece of music for film and this workshop will certainly have given them some ideas and inspiration of some of the wonderful and perhaps crazy – but effective – sounds that they may make.

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