On Friday 19 October, the Zimbabwean band ‘Mokoomba’ visited College and delivered an exciting performance and workshop with a group of Year 8 and 9 students. Mokoomba are in the middle of a 5 month world tour, and are nominated for the Songlines ‘best group’ award. Their music combines traditional Zimbabwean rhythms with modern rock elements and the group performed some of their own songs to the students, which included complex vocal harmonies and dance. Then it was time for the students to get involved; the band taught them one of their songs, which they sang with real enthusiasm, in two part harmony. Some students were taught the dance moves, and they did a super job! Every student had a fantastic experience; they all put in a hundred percent effort, were polite and well mannered, and had lots of interesting questions for the band. We are very grateful to MusicPort for offering us this opportunity.

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