Year 13 Mock Interviews -Tuesday 13 November 2018

You are invited to attend a mock interview on Tuesday 13 November 2018 at Caedmon College Whitby. The interview has been arranged in partnership with NYBEP, who work with the College to build links with colleges, higher education providers and employers, in order to develop the future workforce and inspire young people.

Your interview will be based on the information you provided on your UCAS application form and Personal Statement; it will last roughly 20 minutes. You will be provided with both verbal and written feedback about how you performed.

Your interview time will be posted in the Sixth Form Centre on Friday 9 November and also on the Year 13 Google-classroom.

On Tuesday 13 November, please remember to arrive at your interview in the Sixth Form Centre, (LRC) on time and be appropriately dressed – you are not only representing yourself but also Caedmon College Whitby.

Interviewers are coming from universities and colleges. As you know, there is great competition for college and university places, and this provides a valuable opportunity for you to practise your interview skills and to get feedback which will help you prepare for your own forthcoming interviews – it should therefore be taken very seriously.

Please ensure that you re-read your UCAS application before the day and come prepared – having thought about the possible questions you could be asked and how you might reply.

I look forward to meeting you on the day and wish you all the very best.

Kit Wright
UCAS coordinator/advisor

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