Severe Weather Arrangements – bus and train

As winter sets in, I should like to remind you of our arrangements if it becomes necessary to send bus and/or train traveller’s home early due to severe weather. The support of parents in these circumstances is much appreciated to help these arrangements run smoothly.

Please note the following points:

  • we may have to send students home before the end of the College day. We will make every effort to contact parents before we allow students to leave College. It is important that your son/daughter has an emergency contact number for you and that the College information system is up to date. PLEASE NOTIFY US IF YOU DO NOT WISH YOUR SON/DAUGHTER TO LEAVE THE COLLEGE UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN CONTACTED PERSONALLY
  • when the weather is particularly severe, we would prefer students not to travel and will not ask buses to arrive early unless it is judged safe for the journey. We will use the police and bus companies’ advice
  • all students should be wearing suitable shoes, and have a warm coat, gloves, etc in winter weather
  • in the event of the buses/trains not being able to travel at the end of the day, students will be accommodated in College with senior staff supervising
  • if it is deemed unsafe to travel in the morning or if insufficient staff are able to get into College, we may be forced to close. Students should listen to Yorkshire Coast, Tees and York Radio stations as well as looking at the College Facebook page and twitter feed for information
  • if you live in a particularly remote place, it would be helpful if your son/daughter has an alternative “home“ destination, which is more accessible.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the College.

Yours sincerely

Simon Riley

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