Eskdale School and Caedmon College Whitby: Proposals for Federation

As you will be aware, the governors of Eskdale School and Caedmon College have recently carried out a consultation about their proposals to form a federation between the two schools. This consultation finished last week and following an overwhelmingly positive response from staff, families and key community stakeholders, the two governing bodies, last night, took the decision to form the proposed federation. This closer collaborative working between the two schools will enable us to move forward to create the best possible secondary education for the children of Whitby and an exciting shared Sixth Form provision for our school leavers.

The partnership structure will maintain two separate 11-16 schools on the Eskdale and Normanby Sites, each with its own headteacher, staff, buildings and budgets. Both governing bodies are convinced that partnership working will provide wider opportunities for our young people, both within their studies and in extra-curricular initiatives, helping to raise standards overall. Together we will now be able to build on our existing individual strengths and cultures, sharing effective practice to improve the learning experiences and outcomes for the area’s young people.

Federation will also allow the development of shared post-16 education on the Scoresby Site, improving opportunities for young people in the area to progress to higher education or to join and progress in their chosen careers. We are beginning to actively involve our current Year 12 students in shaping the building, facilities and ethos of their new Sixth Form centre, as well as the range of academic and vocational opportunities available in the future.

Thank you to the parents and members of the wider community who took part in the consultation process. Your questions and suggestions have been very useful and will help us develop our plans in the coming months.

Yours sincerely

Simon Riley

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