Y8 Bewerley Park Trip

Kit list for a residential outdoor course

Our courses involve a lot of time outdoors, whatever the weather, and there is a likelihood of clothes getting wet and/or muddy. Summer or winter conditions will dictate a different emphasis on the amount to be brought, but hard-wearing, warm clothes are required. The following should be regarded as a minimum for all 5 day courses. You may get away with a bit less if only coming for 2 or 3 days.

3 pairs thick socks & 3 pairs thinner socks (no trainer socks or toe socks)  
3 to 4 long sleeved fleece/hoodie/jumper/warm top  
3 to 4 trousers (No Jeans), tracksuit bottoms or doubled-up leggings are ideal  
Fleece/woollen gloves or mitts, warm hat, scarf/buff/snood  
Swimming costume  
Waterproof jacket or coat (you will be provided with a full set of water proofs when you get here too but it is nice to have your own if its good)  
3 or 4 warm shirts/T-shirts/thermal tops (avoid cotton)  
2 pairs of trainers – 1 for normal use + 1 old pair for wet activities  
Several changes of underwear   Wellington boots  
Socks (for when not on activities)   Torch + spare batteries  
2 good-sized towels   Small daysack  
Personal medication   Writing materials  
Plasters for blisters   Books/playing cards  
Toiletries, etc.*   Lypsyl or lip salve (all year)  
 Sun block – Factor 30 minimum/sun hat


  2/3 black bin liners

Pocket money

Drinks Bottle (1 litre)   Cuddly Toy  
Pyjamas or night-clothes   CDs  
Casual clothes for evenings   Flip Flops (for the shower)  


All specialist outdoor equipment will be provided by the centre. (eg – wetsuits, waterproofs, helmets,etc)

Students are asked to make sure that their name is on their clothing and personal possessions – this is especially important for medication such as inhalers. Remember you may be in a dormitory with 12 or more people. The centre cannot accept responsibility for any valuables, we do not have a safe for student valuables and centre staff are not allowed to look after them.

About £5 – 10 is plenty to bring on a 5-day course, as spending money. It is very useful if students bring small change for the tuck shop and drinks machine.

The course is an opportunity to experience a simpler life and experience time away from the on-line world and the consumer society – please do not bring mobile phones, ipods, ipads, games consoles, MP3 players, etc. – talk to each other, listen to the sound of the wind in the trees, bird calls and mountain streams.

Please note that aerosol deodorants are not allowed at the centre as they set the smoke alarms off! Please bring a suitable alternative. Or smell.

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