Working with York Theatre Royal and Pilot Theatre

So we are in to week two of working with York Theatre Royal on our ‘Noughts and Crosses’ inspired short film. Which will be showcased at the theatre in April.

We were lucky enough to win a place on the project after submitting our 30 second trailer… our theme was ‘you are what your parents make you’… and if you know the book on which the play is based, you’ll know that it’s a Romeo and Juliet style story… but adapted for a modern age and set in a dystopian future, where the Noughts are the underclass to the Crosses, written by Malorie Blackman.

Who’s taking part

The six week project is part of our A-level Drama course. Our Sixth Form drama students are involved and they are leading the work. Looking at their developing storyboard I think we will be recruiting some extras… luckily we know a few ‘thespians’, who are part of the Sixth Form.

How did it start?

Last week Catherine Palmer for Pilot Theatre came in to kick start the project and work with us over in the drama studio. We got to know the story of Noughts and Crosses and the main themes and issues. This left us with lots of inspiration and this week the drama students have been busily planning their film… Which will be filmed with the help of a professional film-maker who is part of Pilot’.

Creating our Film

Our Year 12 students are exploring the idea of inequality and prejudice through the idea that ‘we are what our parents make us’… which as a parent made me re-evaluate my own values and ‘moral compass’… am I passing on to my teenage sons the values which I want them to grow up with and pass on to their own future families…?

Ms Wright

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