Visit from Scarborough Borough Council Cabinet Ministers

Today we were visited by three cabinet ministers from Scarborough Borough Council, ready to answer any questions we had on local issues. The students were brilliant and asked some very difficult questions as well as important questions. Some of them included:

  • What is the council doing about mental health issues?
  • Can we have sports competitions between the different sports clubs in Whitby/Scarborough and the surrounding areas?
  • How will Brexit affect the area?

Other issues discussed included lack of indoor facilities for sports in the villages; Whitby skate park; dogs on leads or areas for the dogs to run in off the lead.

The councillors made lots of notes and want to try to come into schools more often and have said that they would like around four students to visit a safe-guarding/mental health meeting to see what the borough does about mental health issue. So watch this space!

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