Year 11 Core PE options block – Health Related Exercise, Whitby Leisure Centre

As part of the Year 11 Core PE programme, we are offering the students the opportunity to experience a range of activities at Whitby Leisure Centre.

We believe that this is an exciting opportunity for our students to experience different forms of physical activity which may promote engagement in sport in the future. Establishing links to enable lifelong participation and promotion of an active lifestyle is a fundamental component of Physical Education, and for some students, team sports are not for them. For a four week block, commencing Tuesday 12 March, students will participate in four different activity areas in their PE lesson each week.

An example of how the sessions may look:

Date Time Group Boys Girls
Tuesday 12 March 9.40-11.10 11.1 Boys’ Swim Virtual Class
Thursday 14 March 1.50-3.15 11.2 Boys’ Swim Virtual Class
Monday 18 March 1.50-3.15 11.2 Virtual Class Girls Swim
Thursday 21 March 1.50-3.15 11.1 Virtual Class Girls Swim
Tuesday 26 March 9.40-11.10 11.1 Boxercise Gym
Thursday 28 March 1.50-3.15 11.2 Boxercise Gym
Monday 1 April 1.50-3.15 11.2 Gym HITT
Thursday 4 April 1.50-3.15 11.1 Gym HITT

The plan is to arrive in the PE department for lessons, register, then travel to the Leisure Centre. This could be in the College minibuses, or walking via the College back path, accompanied by members of the PE department. Sessions will enable sufficient time to travel and change, with at least 60 minutes of activity. Following the sessions, the students will be escorted back to the College to continue with their normal timetable. Where sessions finish at the end of the College day, students will be able to leave directly from the Leisure Centre if permission has been given on the reply slip. Full PE kit should be worn for these sessions, in accordance with College uniform policy.

The cost for the block is £10, which is payable on return of permission slip attached, on or before Monday 11 March.

Yours sincerely

Mr S Hopper
Subject Leader: PE; SSCo

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